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Slot machines - Jackpots

Mystery progressive

Mystery progressive  is a three level jackpot:
• Mini
• Middle
• Super mystery

Each of these jackpots can be won on one of the 8 EGT Premier machines. For the mystery jackpot is not necessary to get certain symbols, jackpots are randomly being hit on machines that are played.

Super Mystery is always higher than 200,000RSD.

Quick Hit

The jackpot has five levels and 10 slot machines are involved.

King Kong Cash

The King Kong Cash is a 4 level Bonus Jackpot!! If you connect on the middle reels - 2 – 3 – 4 - KING - KONG – CASH you will start the bonus games! You will be given 3 different scenes from the King Kong movie. You choose one of the scenes on the screen to enter the bonus games. You will then play the game to accumulate credits and to rise to the next level of the bonus game giving you a higher prize! And if you’re LUCKY! You could win the King Kong Cash Mystery Bonus!

It has 4 levels and 13 machines are incorporated.

Chain Reaction

When a player at one of the Chain Reaction machines - hits the Chain Reaction any other player participating becomes part of the game! The WINNERS machine locks and the Chain Reaction wheel immediately starts to spin offering fixed prizes and a special Chain Reaction symbol. If the Chain Reaction symbol is hit, then all the others playing will ALSO receive a part of the prize!

Chain Reaction Jackpot can be won on 12 available slot machines.

National Class

It has 4 levels and 8 slot machines are involved.

Cash express

Cash Express is a progressive randomly hit JP!! When it hits you simply stop the trains which will appear on your screen, and collect the points, with these points you reach different levels of the JP. You can win up to 150.000,00 + dinars by reaching the top level of this progressive JP.

It has 4 levels and 14 slot machines are involved.

Mystery Magic

The Mystery Magic Jackpot is a Jackpot linked to a specific type of machine. It will hit randomly by playing any one of these SPECIAL machines!

It has one level and 4 slot machines are involved.

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