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Casino Points

During each visit to the casino, Casino Points will be awarded for any money played on the games. Casino Points are recorded on each user’s personal membership card. The amount of Casino Points remaining on the card can be seen by inserting it into any slot machine, or can be checked at the Customer Relation department. Casino Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Do you have casino points?

Dear guests,
Please note that all accumulated casino points during 2017 will expire 01.02.2018

Casino points cannot be either cashed out or changed for gaming chips.
We suggest you use for:

•          Food and beverages in restaurant and bars
•          Purchase of items at Grand casino Beograd gift shop
•          Conversion of casino points into bonus credits for games on slot machines

For further information please contact  Customer Relations Department

Casino points are accumulated in the following way:

  • During the game
    During the game on the slot machines each guest is accumulating Casino Points depending on the money spent for the game. Point accumulation is the same for all players’ levels.
  • During promotions
    During promotions, players have the opportunity to earn additional points. Timely notice will be given of all such promotions.

Please note that on Electronic roulette it is not possible to accumulate casino points.

All casino points accumulated during current year are valid until the end of gaming day 31.01 of the following year (gaming day is until 06 a.m. next calendar day).

Casino points can be used in the following way:

  • For meals and drinks at the restaurants and bars:
    Visitors can use their Casino Points to pay for meals and drinks in Grand Casino Beograd’s restaurants and bars (except in Diva club). The value of one Casino Point is one dinar. (For example: 1000 RSD = 1000 Casino Points)
  • For items from the Gift Shop
    Casino Points can also be exchanged for items from the Gift Shop. Please address Customer Relations department to see the latest items offer.
  • Conversion for bonus credits that can be used for games on slot machines
    Your Casino Points can be exchanged for bonus credits. Value of 2 Casino Points is 1 bonus credit for games. Minimal number of Casino Points that can be exchanged is 500 (Value of 500 Casino Points is 250 bonus credit). Maximum amount for conversion during one gaming day (14-06h) for CRYSTAL players is 10.000 Casino Points, for Ruby players is 15.000 Casino Points, for PEARL players is 20.000 Casino Points, for GOLD players is 30.000 Casino Points, for PLATINUM & BLACK players is 50.000 Casino Points.


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